How and what sort
of food should I donate?


Our Friends are
waiting your food donation

You can drop off non-perishable food at one of the Friends of the Media Food Drive near you. They’ll transport it safely to an organization in your region.


Provigo  Maxi 

What to give

Non-perishable foods and
unbreakable containers

Meat, fish, fruit,
vegetables, oil, infant formula, baby
food, soups, prepared meals, jam,
peanut butter, etc.


Cereals, rice, couscous
flour and pasta


Cookies, nuts and dried fruit.

Personal hygiene

Soap, toothpaste, shampoo,
deodorant, paper towels,
tampons, disposable diapers
for children and adults, facial tissue
and toilet paper.

Household items

Detergent, laundry soap,
fabric softener, etc.


Coffee, tea, herbal teas
and juice.

Products to avoid

For safety and logistical reasons, we do not accept perishable goods (fresh fruit, dairy products, meat, frozen food, etc.) or breakable containers (glass jars and bottles).

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